Context is everything

“In bocca al lupo! ” is a little Italian phrase that I hear most days. It is the way that Italians wish each other good luck. Literally translated it means
“in the mouth of the wolf”
Now, to those raised outside of Italy being in the mouth of the wolf might not seem very lucky and we certainly wouldn’t wish that on anyone. No, we would be searching the number for animal control.
However, if you look back to the creation mythology of Rome you find Romulus and Remus, two babes in the wood, abandoned in the hills and found by wolves. These wolves did not eat them. They carried them home and fed them and nurtured them. You can guess which city the wolflings founded.
To an Italian being in the mouth of the wolf is an incredibly lucky thing.
Context matters
When you are reading ask yourself where the author is in his mental map. What is his history, belief, world view? You will open yourself up to colours in their work that would have passed you by.
See the Wolf

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