Writers Read

No, they do. 

We read a lot. Books, magazines, cereal packets, shampoo bottles. Sometimes even the previous day’s work. We also collect words. Words are scrumptious. Words make thoughts. 

words make write good


I’m being silly now but you get the point. If you want to write my friends then you need to read. 

Read as though you are afraid someone will take the words away. Read things you like. Read things you dislike. Read things you might like. Put the words in there. The words make thoughts. Then thoughts make words. Like bunnies only less hoppy.

Today I read “How not to write Bad” by Ben Yagoda. It’s an excellent overview of common writing problems and how to avoid them if that’s your bag. Of course you might not want to avoid them. Look at you smarty pants.

What you should be is the master of your words.



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