The rules of the road


It’s a funny old word. One that makes some people smile and other people cry.
Literary marmite (vegemite).

I often get told that

“It’s okay for you but I can’t get my head around it.”

Well the bad thing about grammar is that there are a lot of rules. The good thing about grammar is that there are a lot of rules.
If you come across a rule that you don’t understand does it occur to you that you have come across a teacher who doesn’t know how to explain it to you?
Or do you give up?

Heck lady/Mister…buy a different book! Go to a different class. Look at a different tutorial online. You do realise that teachers aren’t one size fits all?
Every person works differently, thinks differently, reasons differently and breaks down their understanding of grammar differently.
Oh yes, the rules stay the same but the teaching?
Not so much.

Don’t be so quick to let that rattler go.
You can understand it.
Approach it from another direction.

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