Strange creatures, writers. You will seldom meet a group of people so acutely aware of the world, aware of the place where they fit or, more often, don’t fit. We squeeze ourselves into boxes called genres because marketing likes a good box. They make things easier to package and shelve. They make them easier to sell… to describe.

Describe (v) – to remove the personality of the writer from the equation

 I jest but it’s a dark one, because, whatever you are as a writer, you are not a genre. You are not even who you were last year and you won’t be the same person next year. You are Becoming.

What are you becoming? Well, I don’t know it’s your journey. You might pass through several phases of writing and many genres. And then you find a genre where you settle for a while and it will be the right one for who you are at the time, because you are not a genre, because you are Becoming.

It is part of the thrill of being alive to watch people Become. And who we become is influenced every day by who we want to be. We don’t always get what we want and we seldom if ever get what we expect but we all get to change, to develop, to be new. I don’t know the final destination of the journey. I haven’t had the opportunity to peep at the last page of my story and I don’t think I would want to. I am enjoying Becoming and I look forward to seeing you Becoming, for all the days of my life.

9 thoughts on “Becoming

  1. This was a wonderful read :)….especially after I spent a good hour last night trying to work out what my ‘genre’ actually was! I believe it falls into several categories. Or perhaps it is still ‘becoming’ 🙂

    • You are absolutely Becoming 🙂
      I’m glad you enjoyed the read. It’s always a bit of a struggle to squeeze yourself into the genre box. I think I have decided to write what I need to write and then massage the work into the nearest genre that will have me.

  2. Hi Rachel
    As a way of saying thanks for supporting me in 2013 by following and reading my writing blog, I’d like to nominate you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. This blog celebrates loyal readers, so please pass it on to yours.
    If you have a no-awards policy, then please accept this as my simple thanks for reading my blog!
    Please click below to read more about the award:-
    Happy blogging!

    • Thank you.
      That is a very kind award and a great surprise.
      Very sweet of you.
      I’m never really sure what to do with these but I accept it with thanks and will consider what to do about passing it on.

  3. Oh, I’ve never been able to fit my writing into a genre. I’m not even sure if it’s literary. But your blog post makes me feel so much better – I don’t need to fit into a box. It’s not necessary to remain stationery and stagnate. Instead, I can change, and grow, and develop, and flourish, and flower, because I am not fixed, I am BECOMING!!! Love it 🙂

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