Deciding a daily word count

The number of words that a person can achieve in a day varies widely. My time is a little limited but I need to make a commitment and so I have decided to settle on 750 words a day rain or shine. Don’t get me wrong, I expect to produce more but 750 is going to be my default setting.

I am writing my first novel and until it is written I don’t know what will work for me. Everyone approaches the same task in a different way. Some like to outline and others simply write until they run out of thoughts. I have the feeling that I am going to be an outliner but I may surprise myself.

I am open to the new.

Working Every Day

I have never really understood the writers obsession with word count.

Until now that is.

Word count is a tool of the trade. It is an excuse to push on to the next hundred, to get those words on the page. It is true that quality wins out in everything. Every page of every book should be high quality work but thoughts are never going to be that until they are on the page.

writing is rewriting but without the pressure of the daily word count would we get those ideas out there at all?