How Boxing Can Make Us Better Writers–Lesson 3 STICK & MOVE

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Are You Quick on Your Feet?

When I trained as a boxer, we did a lot of footwork. Dart in, hit, then get out of the way. Best way to win a fight? Simple. Don’t get punched. Or at least get punched as little as possible. When our opponent takes a swing? Don’t be there. The skill of sticking-and-moving requires endurance, strength and flexibility. Being a successful Digital Age Author requires the same.

Learn to Stick and Move

Get quick on your feet. Change, adapt, overcome. The lithe survive, especially now in the Digital Age. The big traditional publishers are suffering because their size doesn’t allow them to adapt to the rapid changes that come part-and-parcel with explosive technological advance.

Indies, in this sense, have an advantage. An author can change covers if one isn’t working. He or she can respond directly to what consumers want.

A friend of…

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Inspiration for writers

If you are looking for inspiration as a writer you might like to try

Jeff Goins takes you through his personal journey towards becoming a writer. Full of hints tips and inspiration, Jeff is an authority on developing a platform to sell your work.

Think Easter

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! A Happy Chocolate day to those who partake. It is a holy day so I am obviously going to talk to you about my religion…
There is never a bad time to learn more. Why not, list all of the words you can think of relating to Easter. You will surprise yourself.
Now find a thesaurus and learn a new one!
Q. What if I don’t like dinosaurs?
A.  Dictionaries are also really useful

Happy Egg/word hunting

Camp Nanowrimo

The creators of National Novel Writing Month have spread their craziness to the Spring. Now you can get witty with a word count during April and again I think in July. The joy of camp as opposed to November Nano is the self imposed word limit. Anything from 100 words to 100,000.
Actually I think the limit is 999,999 but no one who wishes to remain sane tries that in a month! Check out the Nanowrimo website or google Camp Nanowrimo and jump in. The water’s lovely.

Permission to write

I am an adult, a grown-up, almost ancient if you listen to my children so why do I still feel the need to have permission to write?
I am not talking about external permission, you have to come shopping/cook/buy shelves permission. I am talking about the internal
” shouldn’t I be shopping/cooking/ buying shelves? ”
Sort of permission.
It is insane.
It is also a clear sign that writing is simply too much fun. If it gives you joy then it obviously isn’t work.
Well, I for one am going to laugh in the face of procrastination and dance the Macarena to the beat of my work ethic.
It’s work. It’s fun.
Get over it.