Exactly what is it that holds you back from pursuing your dreams?

If it’s your moral compass then, good! 

If however like many writers you’re worried that people will hate what you do then I can make you a promise right here and now. Yes, yes they will. It doesn’t matter what you write or how you write it people will hate what you do, and you are not alone in this. Consider the company you keep:

Salmaan Rushdie – Perhaps the most extreme example 

JK Rowling – Not everyone loves a wizard

Anne Rice – Every time she writes someone tells her she can’t write

Ray Bradbury – Too colourful for some

Stephen King – Is told than he can write but shouldn’t

 Terry Pratchett – Doesn’t he know how to make chapters?

Dickens – Too descriptive

All of these writers have been told that they shouldn’t have bothered, their work is not good. All of them suffered multiple, multiple, multiple rejections.

Should they have let that stop them?

Should you?

I can promise you that every piece of work you write will be disliked by someone, but if you like it and it’s well written then out there in the world there are people who think, feel and believe the same as you who will LOVE it.

Write for yourself and write for them.

Keep putting work out there until they find you.

2 thoughts on “Fear

  1. A great man once said, “Fear is the mind killer.” But seriously, we all have fears that keep us from reaching our potential. Personally, I don’t fear what others think so much, but whether or not I can actually support myself as a writer. This fear keeps me getting up every morning to go to the same boring job when I could be pursuing my dream. Then again, some fears also protect us: hot stoves, STDs, bees…

    • That is a very good point. Some fears are protective.

      Very few writers support themselves solely by writing, you have set yourself a very high goal. One that you will only reach by writing and working until common sense and your bank balance tell you it is attainable.
      I hope that it happens for you and that you keep writing until it does.
      For myself that is an ideal which is some way off but I continue to work towards it. Work sometimes means that I have to compromise my daily word count but even 500 words a day will give you a novel to revise at the end of the year and so I press onwards.

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