NaNoWriMo Isn’t Proper Writing

I’ve heard this many times and often with some venom behind it. Of course it isn’t true. If you write then you are a writer. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting studiously in a library or running naked in Bermuda, if you write, you are a writer. And please note here, those of you who’ve produced several thousand words so far, if you do it, you are it, no ifs, no buts, and no Aspiring.

But, the mind splurge of Nano produces some truly awful work, you say? Well, yes, yes it does. It produces first drafts, which as Hemingway always reminds us are…horse apples. But some of those pieces of work will be edited and revised and turned into really great work. Some won’t. Some people have the temerity to enjoy the whole experience and miss out on the angst altogether. Some people just aren’t ready to be edited. 

But, some of them are so proud of sub-standard stuff, you wail. Well, yes. Of course they are. So were you before you learned to handle an adverb. You can’t tell me that you haven’t looked back at your early writing and cringed, properly cringed. That’s okay though, because you were learning. And that is what all of the Nano writers are doing without any concern for the level of craft they have reached. They are all learning. And they are writing. And that’s a good thing.

Some people don’t want to be told they are anything less than a genius – those people will learn slowly regardless of the task.

Other people seek out the errors and hunt them down with a scary level of commitment, because they know that they are never above a mistake. –  those you need to watch, because they will get there. They will get better. They will be good. And one day the Aspiring Author, will be an Author.

None of this should rattle any Writer’s cage. You know why? No one else in this world is you. No one has your thoughts, your life experience, Your voice. We can look around at other people and say, he’s not this or she’s not that. That is just so easy. But we’re not in a race with them. Writers are always in competition with themselves and on their own journey. Our own journey.

So let other people be….Not You

And show me what you can do.


Marathon Man?

That was man in the hippie sense and not a sexual stereotype honest Guv.

Get your running shoes on girls and boys. On April 13th Nanowrimo are running their first writing marathon day. See link for details. Wear loose clothing. No animals were harmed during the making of this blog post!
(not even wolves)


It is national poetry writing month.
I’m not even kidding.

Now, not all of us posess the skills of Homer. Some of us avoid poetry because we fear a wedgie from our journalistic self.
Do not fear the Poem.
Large uncomfortable truth in an itty bitty space.
I will tell you why. There is no better way to learn the music of a language than to look at its poetry.
Lyricists take note.
Even if you is gansta Bro
Don’ mess with the Po’

Pencil Tax

From the first of March 2013 the British Government will be instituting a new Pencil Tax as part of the new Green Deal scheme. The Tax will be implemented alongside other energy saving measures in a bid to maintain a healthy Ecosystem.
A spokesman for the initiative states
” we hope to prevent the destruction of our planets’s resources and any suggestion that we wish to control writers is seriously overblown. I think you will find our present predicament is the fault of previous administrations.”

Camp Nanowrimo

The creators of National Novel Writing Month have spread their craziness to the Spring. Now you can get witty with a word count during April and again I think in July. The joy of camp as opposed to November Nano is the self imposed word limit. Anything from 100 words to 100,000.
Actually I think the limit is 999,999 but no one who wishes to remain sane tries that in a month! Check out the Nanowrimo website or google Camp Nanowrimo and jump in. The water’s lovely.